Black porcelain Oval-chain earrings decorated with gold


These handmade oval matte black porcelain earrings with a shiny detail will compliment every style. Minimalist, simple earrings is perfect way to express modern personality.

Black matte porcelain with shiny golden details earrings can be worn with elegance on a classical outfit or “off-beat” with a more casual silhouette.

Each piece is hand sculpted and fired by me in my studio!

All my items are delivered in a beautiful jewelry boxes, ready to give to someone special or to keep for yourself.


* Size (approximate):
0.7 cm (0.27 inch) long
0.5 cm (0.19 inch) width
Lightweight (2-3g)

Black porcelain oval earrings covered with gold luster.
Silver gilded chain.

925 Sterling silver studs

* Deliver in a beautiful white gift box