Blue mate square stud earrings with golden line


Porcelain handmade jewelry collection is inspired by nature: forests, dunes, golden sand, coal, ice, glaciers.
Blue matte handmade porcelain square stud earrings with golden line. An inspiration of these earrings is the natural miracle of glaciers, their magical greatness.

I made these square matte blue stud earrings inspired by the beauty of water and sky. These earrings are made to all nature lovers.
Delicate, minimalist earrings will reveal your unique character.

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Handmade with ♥ in Lithuania by Mo Ceramics

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* Size (approximate):
1 cm (0.39 inch)
Lightweight (~2 g)

925 Sterling silver studs

* Deliver in a beautiful gift box
* NOTICE: Available items will be shipped within 5 working dates. Back-orders will be crafted within 14-21days.
* Each jewelry piece is a piece of art. Crafted with love and great care every unique and precious item may slightly differ from pictures. 100% handmade.

Don’t forget that this is delicate earrings that should be handle with care to avoid struck with hard objects or surfaces during wear.
You may wash these everyday earrings with soap and polish with a soft cloth.