Origami boat pendant gold sail white


▼ Jewelry inspired by geometric shapes ▼

White glossy origami boat pendant with 24k gold lustre sail. One side of sail is fully plaited with 24k gold lustre and other side is decorated with golden dots, so you can wear it in both ways.
Origami pendant collection is inspired by Japanese art of paper folding. Forms and colours, which combined together brings exceptional sophistication of simple and pure geometric forms.

Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

* Pendant comes with ~ 75 cm (~29.5 inches) length of painted brass chain.
* Deliver in a beautiful white gift box

* Size (approximate):
0.8 inches (2 cm) long
2.6 inches (7 cm) wide

Each jewellery piece is handcrafted with great care.
Please note that each item might be slightly different as it usually is with handmade items.

Handmade with ♥ in The Lithuania by Mo Ceramics
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