Black matte round porcelain stud earrings Vitamin K


Porcelain earrings from my new collection “Vitamins”. Colourful supplements for a fresh style. Stud round earrings are made using Japanese ceramic technique of Nerikomi.

Black matte post porcelain earrings with delicate light blue and gold detail can be worn with elegance on a classical outfit or “off-beat” with a more casual silhouette.

Each piece is hand sculpted and fired by me in my studio!


Handmade with ♥ in The Lithuania by Mo Ceramics

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* Size (approximate):
1cm (0.39)
Lightweight (2-3g)
925 Sterling silver studs

All my items are delivered in a beautiful jewellery boxes, ready to give to someone special or to keep for yourself.


It takes long time to achieve final results
Each porcelain jewellery piece is finished with glossy glaze and hand painted with gold or platinum luster, fired 3 times total. Please note that each pair might be slightly different as it is handmade and hand painted item.


Don’t forget that this is delicate earrings that should be handle with care to avoid struck with hard objects or surfaces during wear.
You may wash these everyday earrings with soap and polish with a soft cloth.