Black stud porcelain earring with golden line and chain


These handmade round matte black stud porcelain earrings with a shiny golden line will compliment every style. Minimalist, simple earrings is perfect way to express modern personality.

Black matte porcelain with shiny golden line earrings can be worn with elegance on a classical outfit or “off-beat” with a more casual silhouette.

Each piece is hand sculpted and fired by me in my studio!

All my items are delivered in a beautiful jewelry boxes, ready to give to someone special or to keep for yourself.

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* Size (approximate):
0.5 cm (0.19 inch)
Lightweight (2-3g)

Black porcelain oval earrings covered with gold luster.
14 k gold-filled 925 Sterling silver chain

925 Sterling silver studs

* Deliver in a beautiful white gift box